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Where is the anti-war left now?

Wasn't the left always saying that they are anti-war??? Now, where are the leftists protesting against France sending troops to support the murderous government of Mali? Where were the leftists when Obama bombed Lybia?

The fact is, the left was lying, just like with everything else they say, it was just plain lies. They are not anti-war, they are anti wars which act against marxism in the world and in favor of wars that promote marxism. Just compare:

Vietnam War: USA supported the south which was being *invaded* by the communists from the north, it was a purely defensive war. They wanted to kill everyone that opposed their ideas (like Christians) and impose their communist dictatorship: The left opposed this war

USA (Bill Clinton) vs. Serbia: USA attacked christians from Serbia in order to defend muslims in the region, a true anti-christian crusade from Bill Clinton: The left supported this war

USA (Obama) vs. Lybia: The USA bombed relentlessly Lybia to support the islamists into taking power, the same islamists later thanked USA for their support by killing their diplomat: The left supported the war

France (Hollande, socialist) vs Northern Mali: France is sending it's soldiers to die in Mali to support the murderous racist government of Mali which oppresses and kill the northern Tuareg berber people just for being whiter. In my oppinion the islamists have full right to rebel and we should not intervene, we should leave them killing each other: The left supports sending europeans to die in Mali, it supports the Malian war

So that's it, the left is in reality in favor of war, but just as long as they are fighting against Christians or for communists or for the black racist assassins.

Even pseudo-right wingers like Bush have been in the wrong side of history, as he started useless wars which brought nothing good for our people. But he did this by influence of the neoconservatives, which are nothing more then pro-israel liberals. When will we get rid of the leftists and neoconservatives and finally start fighting only in the right side of history?

Since the left is so entrenched in the west, our best strategy for the foreseen time should be to oppose all wars, unless trully defensive ones. Be against all military interventions in Africa and Asia. Because the west for the last 30 years has only fought against the best interrests of the european people, it would be a great improvement already if we stop those ridiculous wars to support african assassins, to supports islamists or to supports communists.

So let the Anti-Malian War movement begin!

The left has blood on their hands, the blood of the french pilot killed in Mali. The islamists fired the shot, but who put him in the way of the bullet was Hollande and the french marxists.

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