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Anti-Refugee Protest - 27 September

I took part in the 27th september anti-refugee protest in Wrocław. The route was from Dworzec PKP to Rynek. I was alone so I positioned myself out of the main mass of young man, in the back where there were some couples with children and strategically near the Police. You know, just in case some psycho might think I’m a jew of something insane like that. But luckily the entire thing went on without a single incident of violence.


My objective was to voice out my disagreement with the politics of the ruling parties PO and PSL for voting in the European Parliament in favor of colonising Europe with a mass of barbarian young man from the worse places on earth like Somalia, Eritrea and Pakistan. I think this is a pivotal moment, and failing to act due to cowardice or whatever other reason would be illogical. There is a lot to be lost here. 50% of children born in Brussels are islamic. Countries like Sweden, UK, France, Belgium will not survive the next 50 years. Sweden has the highest rape incidence in the world according to the United Nations. In the UK pakistani man raped 1400 white children in 1 city. Is that normal? How the fuck can this be considered normal? Islamists say the western man are cowards and their woman are whores, and I can’t help but agree, if people in the west think mass rapes are normal, and even defend vehemently the perpretators.

It is also a pivotal point for Christianism. It is a start reality that every single country with a muslim majority persecutes minorities. I’m not really looking forward to be treated like the Christians in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Paquistan, etc. But today’s Christianism refuses to defend itself. On the contrary, western leaders like Merkel and Hollande open their arms and encourage million and millions more to come. If they pay 360 euros per person + free housing, why would someone work hard in Eritrea? Better to come where mother Merkel gives you money for sitting all day and maybe at night harass local woman. Those leaders are traitors, and masochists. I’d go even further, they are evil and satanic.

Anyway, the objective is to make pressure, put out on the media that the government is wrong, and try to unseat Eva Kopacz and the ruling coalition in the next elections. If we fail, we can still try to continue protesting, but Kopacz and PO don’t give a shit about us, about anyone living in Poland, or in general in Europe as well. They don’t care if we protest. They don’t care if we live of die. Our real target is convincing the voters to unseat them, and larger numbers make for a larger impact.

TVP Wrocław showed the protest on TV in a fairly balanced way. They claim 1500 people were present, which I think is about right. They presented it as “anti-refugee” and instead of giving any judgement over it, simply showed people taking part speaking, so this can be considered a big success. Unfortunately it doesn’t seam to have made it to the national media.

The speeches

So, after the walking part, I sat calmly in a place in Rynek to hear the speeches. First was a woman, and she more or less said all of the same arguments that I and everyone else against the asylum seekers is voicing. Probably everyone is already familiar with them by now, but let me list a mixed amount of them:

1> They are not refugees, if there were fleeing war they would stop in the first country without war
2> Why don’t they go to Saudi Arabia?
3> Why 90% are young man? This is not normal.
4> These people are barbarians as proved by the mass rapes in Sweden and UK
5> We don’t want hundreds of thousands of africans in Poland
6> We don’t want the Islamic State in Poland
7> Taking some will only encourage more to come. Already Germany expects 1 million illegal immigrants this year.
etc, etc, etc

I can’t say I agree with everything being presented there, as a non-polish immigrant. I’d say I agree with 90%, which I think makes up for the bad part. During the speeches there was no word against EU migrants, or in general legal migrants which take visas for work like expats, and that’s good. On the bad side I couldn’t find any more moderate organization taking part, I hoped that maybe some PEGIDA Poland or something would rise, but the most moderate organization taking part was the Korwin political party.

Anyway, after the woman there was a guy which had somewhat less talent for speaking in public, and after that something unusual and unexpected. A catholic priest, a young nationalistic prist. That’s a rare sight.

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