sábado, 12 de setembro de 2015

More thoughts about the invasion of Europe

For Syrians, there is more than enough space for them in Turkey, there is no reason to move from Turkey to Europe if what they want is to escape war. People that want to help them should go there. Turkey has a very strong military and is a reasonably stable country. But most infiltrators are not from Syria anyway, a huge amount is from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, etc. Whatever their situation they have no right to bypass immigration law, no right to demand free stuff.

Are we clowns to go in passport booths in airports? Are we clowns to go to work? Some lazy gangsters infiltrate our continent and receive "asylum" money for doing nothing, receive free-housing, rape thousands ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotherham_child_sexual_exploitation_scandal ), burn people alive, etc, etc, and are greeted as heroes coming back from war. "Welcome!" The rape season is open in Germany. Please don't stop while any of us is alive.

The population in Africa will grow to 3,5 billion in the next 80 years: http://www.bitsofscience.org/wordpress-3.0.1/wordpress/wp-content/uploads//population_growth_africa_asia.gif

The migrants are being rational. They can have a better life, they can make more money in Europe. The penalties for doing crime are also lower and the targets are richer and softer. Its rational for them to want to come. I think its a good guess to say that for 1/3 of africans going to Europe would be highly desirable. So in the next 80 years you can expect 1,5 billion africans to desire this. This unlimited migration will logically result in the total extinction of the native population. Europeans will have the fate of the Amerindians. Just go to Brazil. Not many amerindians around. Why? Too many Europeans immigrated, and we had a higher effective birth rate.

If you don't want the elimination of native Europeans, then we need to follow the examples of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and do this:
1> Place huge limits in asylum and give no free salary, no free housing (they can live in tents or pay rent). Maximum caps per year accepted, accept only in consulates outside europe, whatever. Personally I'm in favor that asylum requests should be limited to the continent where the person lives. Saudi Arabia has no Asylum policy at all and no one cares.
2> Deport, deport, deport, deport, deport those that are here illegaly, like Israel and Saudi Arabia
3> Get rid of the stupid boat situation: Personally I consider that what they are doing is an act of war to be answered by torpedoing the boats. The migrants are rational and would answer by not coming any more, leading to less deaths at sea in the long run. But I would be satisfied by doing a Australian-style solution of immediate deportation, for example I bet that many african countries would accept unlimited numbers of deportees in exchange for money.

The current situation of boats is all a theater. And Merkel and other traitors are paying for the show.

Merkel: Do you want to come to Europe? Just grab a boat, destroy the engine and cause yourselve to be in danger. Then we rescue you and bring you to Germany where we will pay you 500 euros per month for doing nothing.
Migrant: But I'm not from Syria, can I come?
Merkel: Just throw the passports on the sea and you can come in

Anyway, Israel has a government dedicated to fight to death for the survival of the jews. Saudi Arabia will fight to death for the best for the arabs. European governments? Except a few like Orban, they are all traitors fighting against the survival of the native populations to the benefit of africans.

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