segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015

My answer to pro-"refugee" arguments

So you are saying that the poles were gang raping thosands of children in Austria in the 1980's like was done by pakistani man in Rotterham? If not, they I don't quite see how you can compare one thing to the other. Brazil took in millions of poles during WW 1 and 2. The total polish-brazilian population now is 3 million: And not once did I hear that they organizing to do atrocities against native brazilians. We also didn't pay them large wages per month for doing nothing like Germany does. Poles had to work, and in the start received food only. But compare that to hordes of rapists and jihadists? lol! no thanks, that kind of "refugee" we don't want. I'd say its the army's duty to keep those people out. Are you prepared to let them in even if they make a Rotterham in Poland? People that want to be welcomed should be humble and thankful. Not throw food away, throw shit at buses and rape woman. Also, why don't they go to rich Saudi Arabia so near? Why they can't stay in Turkey be need to go to EU? Are they really refugees? Was life in Turkey so bad? Maybe they are attracted only by the easy money from that gullyble westerns? Its also a problem for real immigrants, people that wait in consulate lines, carry passports, apply for visas. They don't want to worry having to have face a gang of "refugees" in the street at night.

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