sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016


I think it's very bad, the UK was a very positive voice in the EU, against forced decisions, against the euro, fairly moderate (in opposition to the hardcore marxism of germany/sweden/etc). The UK is a great power, one that you want on your side. A great country.

The main problem in the EU is Merkel and her marxists, who say "if you don't share our values, get out".

But there is a lot of positive things in the EU. It could be a brotherhood of christian countries. It stopped the "beggar thy neighbor" fights between various countries when it comes to protecionism. It gave the right to live in another EU country if you want.

I was expecting that the EU could become more like the UK-EU relationship, move out of the forced on our throats Merkel decisions, it should allow countries to opt-out of more decisions like the UK has many opt-out powers...

Without the UK the European parliament is pretty much 90% leftist right now, the only other country left with many opt-outs is Denmark. It will be impossible to achieve majority with the current set of countries in the EU parliament, and the Merkel reaction might be to demand even more subservience from the remaining countries...

Just wanted to write down my oppinion on this very important topic.


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Charles JC disse...

With UK out of European union, it's too early to say who won, who lost.