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Ambar Gold & OLT Express

Here in Poland there is a company called Ambar Gold that offers some kind of "Lokata", so I went searching to see
how reliable the would be, check if one could make money investing
with them, and the facts are not very good:


So basically Ambar Gold a financial piramid created by a guy that was
once bankrupt, and clearly a big one since they had money to make the
OLT Express marketing campaign, which is in reality just a merger and
renaming of airlines which already existed previously in Poland like
Jet Air but were obscure before.

The comments in the articles I found led me to check OLT Express and
it is pretty disturbing to check what kind of planes they fly with:

ATR 42/72 - MSN 092 - SP-KTR
03/06/1988 Zambia Airways -> Liquidated in 1995
11/10/1999 Filder Air Service Airlines -> Went bankrupt
01/02/2000 European Air Express -> Closed operations
10/12/2002 Globus Avia -> Closed operations
01/09/2005 Ada Air -> From Albania, went bankrupt in 2007
28/05/2009 Jet Air -> Company merged and renamed to OLT Express

So basically it has 24 years, was originally utilized in Africa and
all owners went bankrupt.

Also all of their jets are used, and they have not 1 single aircraft
which they bought new in the entire fleet. For example:

Airbus A320 - MSN 533 - SP-IAA
31/05/1995 Swissair
27/09/2002 China Northwest Airlines -> Had 2 deadly crashes, went
bankrupt and the aircraft was without use in 2003
04/03/2004 CCM Airlines -> Went bankrupt and closed operations.
Aircraft was without use in 2010
28/04/2011 Yes Airways -> Company merged and renamed to OLT Express

This is a huge contrast with real low cost airlines like Ryanair, Gol
(from Brazil), Azul (from Brazil), etc. Real low cost airlines buy new
planes, not old ones from Africa and bankrupt companies.

Ryanair operates newly bought Boeing 737 Next Generation. See

Gol from Brazil operates with 100% newly bought Boing 737

Azul from Brazil operates 100% only newly bought Embraer 190/195 and
Airbus aircrafts, check yourselves

Not to mention that OLT Express also rents old aircrafts and already
had a number of defects during flight:

So why RyanAir, Gol and Azul buy only new aircrafts and OLT uses old
 ones from bankrupt companies and companies with multiple accidents?

Just thought it is interresting information to share...

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