sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2015

Why I'll think 10 times before buying Apple again

Ever since I got my first MacBook 7 years ago, I was fascinated by the elegant and flexible devices created by Apple. Unlike Windows PCs it just worked, and allowed me to know a completely new ecosystem. When I got my first iPhone some years ago, the same: My previous phone, a HTC Wildfire, had scores of problems, slowness and broke after a short fall, but the iPhone is still just as good as it was 3 years ago. So why after 7 years I am no longer an Apple admirer and I have an each time more negative view of the products that the company sells? Well, I had a decent shares of disappointments with the iPhone, despite the amazing quality, and the drop of water was my newest MacBook Pro, which has so many issues that made me rethink completely my idea of the company. This blog post has the aim of explaining the problems with Apple products to other people so that I won't have to repeat the explanation too many times.


Problem 1 - No Files

Files are this wonderful idea. You can download a file from the web or from an e-mail attachment and then open it in any app in your device, edit it with an editor app, then convert to another format, then copy to the computer and back, etc. It's a wonderful world of endless possibilities. But no, not in the iPhone. There users are completely blocked from the concept of files, which ruins so many tasks.

Once I had a .pas pascal source code file in an e-mail attachment and wanted to show it to someone in my iPhone. I went to the e-mail, clicked the attachment and nope. Nothing happens!!! OMG. It cannot download the file, it will not do it. It cannot open it, although its just stupid plain text because it only opens .txt as text. It was so frustrating that a computing device costing hundreds of euros cannot a plain text file!!! Despite the fact that there is a text editor in the phone, the lack of the concept of files prevents this simple task.

Problem 2 - Stupid limitations with copying mp3 to the iPhone

You can only copy mp3 to the iPhone from 1 single computer, if you copy from another one, it will erase the mp3 adding in the other computer. Even if all of the music you bought as original CDs and converted them to mp3 yourself! This shows a core idea of the company: If something is not bringing in extra revenue for the company, as in revenue that you need to further pay after the overpriced device, they don't care about supporting it. Worse, they'll actively make it very hard to do things which don't bring them money.

Problem 3 - No battery replacement, No memory card

I like to fix my own stuff. Not with Apple, their devices are unfixable to force you to buy a new device. This is planned obsolecense at its worse. Which is outrageous considering that I already paid a lot of money for the phone.

Not only unfixable, also impossible to upgrade via memory increase, again to force you to buy a new device.

Problem 5 - Stupid limitations in Operating System upgrades / downgrades

Operating Systeme downgrades are so hard as to be virtually impossible (ok, they are possible but extremely hard if you plan ahead before upgrading and follow lengthy instructions). If you don't like the new Operating System and wants to go back, Apple will not make it easy for you, if you didn't plan carefully ahead for this moment, a downgrade is impossible.

Upgrading to a different version than they allow you is also impossible. I have iOS 5 and would like to upgrade to iOS 6. I don't want iOS 7 because it is ugly, big and slow. But Apple won't let me upgrade to iOS 6 anymore! =(

MacBook Pro Retina

Problem 1 - No Battery Replacement

Wow!!! Seriously, for an expensive "Pro" notebook there is no battery replacement? Every single notebook I've ever seen, including MacBooks will have each time worse battery performance, and after 4 years the battery lasts only 1 or 2 hours max. This is a death clock for the device, which is totally unacceptable to me, and I didn't even think they would be capable of doing such a thing.

The battery is glued in the top case, making it impossible to change yourself. Oh, well, there are some 70-steps instructions in the web (70 steps just to unassemble, 70 again to put everything back together!!!), which involve using heating sources to unglue pieces.

It looks like that Tim Cook, the fag that runs Apple wants to stick his in our rear parts, what else could we expect from a fag? Will someone please, please resurrect Steve Jobs???

Problem 2 - No Ethernet, only with an expensive Thunderbird adapter

wow, even Raspberry Pi has Ethernet, but no, not MacBook "Pro", you need to cash out more money for the stupid adapter.

Problem 3 - No Operating System installer is provided, you need to download yourself making reinstalls very hard

I have a 15 GB limit in my internet plan, and when I received my MacBook I needed GDB, which Apple was nasty enough to remove from the latest Xcode, so I need to use homebrew to install it, but some other software changed install_name_tool to a wrong version and the only solution is reinstalling the operating system.

Ok, that's easy, isn't it? Well, it was easy in my previous MacBook. Just put the Mac OS X DVD into the drive and reinstall it.

Ops, no install DVD was provided in the package. Ops, actually there is no DVD drive at all.

Ok, so in this case we should restart the computer, press a secret key and boot the hidden install partition, right? No, the install partition has no Installer so it needs to download it from the internet.

So I needed to download 5 GBs to reinstall the operating system, which causes the installer file to be deleted automatically so I had to again download the 5 GB installer in order to make a backup of it, because in the future if I ever need to do this again I already know that Apple will be assholes and will no longer provide a download for my Operating System.

Problem 4 - No Downgrades

I considered downgrading to 10.9 because GDB has so many issues in 10.10 but no, its impossible for no good reason other than that Apple doesn't want it. They don't even provide the 10.9 download again

Problem 5 - No Upgrades, Unfixable

RAM is soldered to the board, well, it's basically impossible to upgrade and impossible to fix yourself.

Problem 6 - No DVD drive

I didn't think they would remove it. I expect Air to be a stripped down version, but Pro??? What's the difference between MacBook "Pro" and Air nowadays anyway? I can't think of any difference.

Problem 7 - Xcode doesn't allow installing older SDKs

With my old MacBook I had Mac OS X 10.6 and Xcode so I could use a directive to make it create software compatible with 10.4+ by linking to the 10.4 SDK which was provided. Nope, not in the new MacBook, now you can only produce 10.10+ software. OMG ...

Summing up:

Apple is no Files. Apple is planned obsolecense. Apple is unfixable. Apple is unupgradable. Apple is a walled garden with huge spikes in the wall. Apple is no choice of OS version. There is no Freedom.