sexta-feira, 22 de março de 2013

Mapping the satiety of food

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quinta-feira, 14 de março de 2013

First impressions in São Paulo

Going back home after more than 1 year I re-experienced a lot of things that had become far away memories and sometimes even things I had completely forgotten about. I'd like to sum up those things here.

Melting chocolate

The chocolate I brought from Poland became a mess, completely melted, even while I simply kept it over my desk! It surely isn't made to stand +35 degrees =) I tried to fix the situation by putting it on the fridge but this wasn't such a great idea. The chocolate and the paper got glued together and couldnt be easily separated.

Delicious food

There are some particular food products which cannot be found in Poland no matter how hard you search:
*Flan Paulista sabor caramelo
*Requeijão (marcas Poços de Caldas ou Catupiry)
*Pão de Queijo
*Goiaba e goiabada (sweet from goiaba)
*Queijo minas frescal
*Pão de Milho (can be found in Poland but is very, very rare)
*Patê de atum coqueiro

Good weather, hot sea water and strong waves

The weather is all year long between 15 and 35 degrees, so no mróz (deep polish cold in winter from -10 to -20 degrees). Having been for more than 1 year at the beach only in the baltic, with it's weak waves and freezing temperature, and in Portugal, which has a slightly less freezing atlantic, I couldn't remember how warm is the water temperature in São Paulo state. It is excelent, cold enough to refresh from the sun, but hot enough so that you don't feel any cold by staying there. A downside is that many beaches (such as Camburiu, Pauba, Maresias) has very strong waves, so you are constantly fighting to stay in the same place and you quickly get tired of dodging the waves. There do are beaches with calm waves, such as Riviera de São Lourenço, however.

Keeping the shape with São Paulo's public transport

People that use public transport in São Paulo are guaranteed to be in good shape. You have to exercise your arm muscles to avoid falling in the bus as it accelerates and turns quickly in the streets (you will almost surely be standing as it is so full). Your legs too will get some work as you go up and down the streets of the city and up and down metro stairs (thought most places have rolling stairs).

Threatening beggers

In a quick trip to the city center (Sé) to register a document I got threatened by 2 different people. First while walking from Metro Sé to my destination, a cartório (civil registration office), a young dark skinned beggar asked me for money. I solidly ignored him. So he started calling me names, insulting me and in the end even said that I'm surely not brazilian, I'm argentinean and should go back there. WTF?

In the way back I had to wait in a line to recharge my bus ticket and so came a middle aged black man with his face filled with scars. He stood ridiculously close to me, and I could smell his sweat.
-beggar-Can I ask you for help?
I shrug my shoulders as I answered positively "Yes!", thinking already surely, you can ask whatever you want, but I won't give you a dime.
-beggar-I am just out of jail, and I don't have money to get to my home. I could be killing, stealing, raping, but I am just here asking for your help. Will you give me some money?
While he spoke I quickly looked around searching for a policemen to run to in case of trouble, but there was none to be found. His strategy was attempting to intimidate me into giving him money, but I wasn't going to give in.

So he simply went to the next persons in line for his next victims. First an old man and than a woman. I could see in her face that she was scared of him and I thought how pleasant it would be to hit his head with a baseball club and rid the world of this disgusting scum. For I moment I considered hitting him, but quickly discarted the idea and moved away to my bus. I had important documents and a lot to loose in terms of health, legal problems, etc. He has nothing to loose, he could just as well kill me right there and noone would care.

Crazy racist PSOL and PT leftists

And now the worse of Brazil: The disgusting marxists. The first newspaper that I read already had them all over it. They fight for the creation of racial quotas in universities and public jobs. Being white in Brazil is not very much unlike being a jew in Nazy germany. Jews were opressed by the nazis. We are opressed by the marxists.

Funny that merely getting rid of the marxists does not trully solve much of anything. I thought that Poland must be paradise as there are so few marxists. But then nearly the entire middle class is composed by egoistic neoliberals who want to close public hospitals, schools and the public transport. Who do I hate more? PSOL and PT leftists from Brazil that racially discriminate me or people that would like to make the country into an anarchistic hellhole? Neither of them have any notion of honor, purity, good nor justice.

From time to time I think that we should give up already fighting for the western civilization and let the arabs make a caliphade on it. All of those problems would be instantaneously solved: The islamists would quickly decapitate all marxists, cut the hands of the thiefs (less crime in Brazil!) and shut up the liberals. And the best of all: marxists and liberals love muslims, so they would finally stop complaining and trying to impose their crazy social experiments.


I changed my mind. I have decided who is worse: The communists are far worse than the neoliberals. If the neoliberals kill public transport I can always buy a car, a bike or go on foot. If they close down public hospitals just pay a private medic or ignore the desease. If they close the public universities and schools I can just buy some books and learn alone at home. But I cannot become black to satisfy the racist communists. That's why communism is my mortal enemy and no truce is possible. Any kind of society is better than post-modernist communism. I'd even prefer sharia. At least they don't have racial quotas.

Translation: Better dead than red.