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Media and Ideology in the USA

Just like recently I created some tables listing media organizations in Poland and a description of their ideology, I now decided to do the same for the most important USA media organizations. This information is important to identify how to react to news from different sources: For example, if you read something disturbingly leftist from NBC/MSNBC, well, don't be surprised, we are talking about the most biased news organization in the USA, with the worse record of pushing liberalism and leftism at all costs. And they even assume that, as written in Wikipedia:
"Beginning in the mid-2000s, MSNBC assumed an increasingly progressive stance in its opinion programming. In October 2010, it publicly acknowledged this with a marketing campaign it called "Lean Forward"."

Conglomerate Media outletsRevenues
NBCUniversal (Comcast / General Electric)
+ Microsoft in
NBC, Universal Pictures, MSNBC, CNBC, The Weather Channel, Syfy, Versus, style., G4, E!$157 billionNBC and MSNBC are the most radical leftist mainstream media outlets in the USA. They are anti-conservative, radically liberal and enforce a political correctness police. One exception here goes to the "Law and Order" series, which were created by NBC and are notoriously conservative.
The Walt Disney CompanyABC Television Network, ESPN, the Disney Channel, 277 radio stations and Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, the cellular service Disney Mobile, and theme parks around the world.$36.1 billionABC/Disney seams to be centrist, which means a moderate liberal bias, because centrists adjust their positions to be on the path of least resistence, and that path is liberalism in USA these days.
News CorporationFox, National Geographic and FX; Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and TVGuide; the magazines Barron's and SmartMoney; book publisher HarperCollins; 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Blue Sky Studios; numerous websites including; and non-media holdings including the National Rugby League.$30.4 billionFox supports the Republican Party and is therefore in line with mainstream right-wing politics.
Time WarnerLargest media conglomerate in the world, with holdings including: CNN, the CW (a joint venture with CBS), HBO, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, America Online, MapQuest, Moviefone, Warner Bros. Pictures, Castle Rock and New Line Cinema, and more than 150 magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Marie Claire and People.$25.8 billionCNN and HBO cannot be described as anything less then radically liberal/leftist organizations. TNT and Warner Bros are more centrist.
ViacomMTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, BET, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Entertainment, Atom Entertainment, and music game developer Harmonix. Viacom 18 is a joint venture with the Indian media company Global Broadcast News.$13.6 billionMTV and Nickelodeon are strongly liberal/leftist organizations.
CBS CorporationCBS Television Network, the CW (a joint venture with Time Warner), Showtime, book publisher Simon Schuster, 30 television stations, CBS Radio with 130 stations. CBS is now the leading supplier of video to Google’s new Video Marketplace.$13.0 billionI am not very familiar with CBS or it's TV shows. Maybe another centrist?
The Newsweek Daily Beast CompanyNewsweek magazine and "Daily Beast" website?Newsweek is a radical liberal/leftist media organization.
GoogleGoogle News?Google News has a strong liberal bias. In the USA version they show a lot of news from the radically leftists MSNBC, but they do not show anything more right-wing than FOX news. In Poland, Google News shows notoriously liberal news organizations like and Newsweek, but rarely shows Rzeczpospolita or "Uwarzam Rze". Google itself is liberal too. They pay gay employee more, thus discriminating against streight employees.

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