sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2016

War in Ukraine and Armenia - status update

I thought that the conflict was fully frozen, since in the last 12 months there were no changes in the areas controlled by the warring parties.

Compare the map today:

With the map from 6 months ago:

I concluded that it would be irrational to keep firing without changes in controlled area. But it looks like that both sides are simply happy to fire at each other continuously from a distance, including with weapons with very low precision such as mortars.

There are detailed OSCE monitoring group daily reports if anyone is interrested:
Conflict Deaths have fallen sharply from 2015, but at an estimated 273 for 2016 so far I personally think it is still a lot.

Also worrying when it comes to armed conflicts in Europe is the azeri-armenian conflict:

Azerbaijan attacked Armenia recently, and conquered 1 small village, and mostly likely they will do it again. Their army is stronger due to the oil money, they have high-tech suicide drones from Israel and staged ISIS-like decapitations of captured armenians.

Praying for peace in Ukraine & Armenia.

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