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The ideologies in the world

In my last post I have started some discussion about the evilness of the left and my despise for the center-right, but I lot of the basic definitions went simply missing. I know them pretty well, but many others might not, so communication will be greatly facilitated if we all understand the same basic concepts. With this in mind I intend to define all the most relevant ideologies and also political positions in our contemporary world. Not only that, but I am also building a world map showing the stance of the governing political party of each country. I think that this will be fundamental tools to help us learn about far-away lands which are hardly ever mentioned and to guide which countries we should support and which ones oppose. So, let's start!

The map (click to enlarge it):

The ideologies:

Far-left, the Communists
Characteristics: Marxism, Socialism, Authoritarian, Anti-religion
This one is pretty easy to define. Everyone has already hard of them. Communists believe in utopical socialism and they are working towards their goal of stablishing a totalitarian government in which everyone is brain-washed/coerced/forced into believing in their ideology. Their main focus is that all material goods should be distributed equaly, but nowadays they no longer believe in the viability of this so this policy is not taken into actual practice. Until a better environment for the equalitarian distribution of goods comes, communits kill time by persecuting christians and political opponents. Marxist states are not supporters of traditional morality, but they rarely go into the wierd and inversed morality of liberal socialists, because that is inherently self-destructive, and communists wand to keep in power for as long as possible. Communists usually have good relations with "Authoritarian Centrists", but may also sometimes cooperate with "Liberal Socialists", "Centrists" and islamists.

I classified the following countries as obvious hardcore marxists with a single-party system: China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea

But there are also pseudo-democratic countries where the opposition is  heavily supressed which were classified as such: Angola, Congo (both of them), Eritreia, Ethiopia and Cambodja

And also countries which are largely democratic, but in which the left makes severe attacks to the freedom of the press and of the opposition: Equador (which cracks down on the opposition since the election of the leftist Correa in 2007), Venezuela and Bolivia ("Movimento ao Socialismo", from Evo Morales).

Far-left political parties in Brazil: PSOL, PCdoB, PCB, PSTU, PCO

Far-left parties in Poland: None that I am aware of

Liberal Socialists and Social Democrats
Characteristics: Marxism, Socialism, Socially Liberal, Secularism
Liberal Socialists are a lighter version of Marxism. They also believe in a the value of financial equality and dislike religion, but they accept democracy, and this is a key element which differentiates them from authoritarian leftists. One the other hand it is true that world wide the Liberal Socialists are involved in supressing political enemies and we have very recently seen that even in the United States the Liberal Socialists use political power to crack down on those that disagree with them, effectively persecuting conservatives when the Democrat mayors told the Chick-fil-A company to get out of their cities for being against gay marriage. But let's go back to our definition: Liberal Socialists above all are interrested in promoting they own distorted values. They are in favor of gay rights and laws to ban people from speaking against homossexuality (so called homophoby laws). They are progressively changing their views towards ever more depravated ones, so it is hard to make a definition which won't change. But when it comes to Liberal Socialists and disgusting, repulsive, anti-natural ideals which go against everything every sane person though before: well, don't be surprised! That's what they are. Liberal Socialists are also strictly anti-white racists. They promote racial quotas which discriminate against whites and call this "social justice" or "historical obrigation" to hide their hideous racist agenda. In other places like France and England they promoted massive waves of uncontrolled immigration from Africa and Islamic countries which essentially transformed those countries in shitholes. So in a certain sense Liberal Socialists are even worse and more destructive then the far-left. The far-left just wants to steal all your money and property and jail and eventually kill you. The general left wants to destroy your entire culture, honor, morale and spirit.

Liberal Socialist governments can be found currently in this countries: Brazil (Partido dos Trabalhadores), Uruguay, Peru, Argentina (FpV - Frente para la Victoria), France (Socialist Party), Niger (Parti Nigérien pour la Démocratie et le Socialisme-Tarayya), etc

The ligher version of Liberal Socialism is called "Social Democracy", and it is essentially identical to the Liberal Socialism, just that lighter, a little bit less enthusiastic. It avoids talking about it's hideous belieths to avoid loosing the middle class vote upon which they also depend, but in their voting record we can see that they are just a sub-type of Liberal Socialism.

Countries governed by "Social Democrat" parties are:  Portugal, Romania ("Partidul Social Democrat", but the president is conservative), Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, India, etc.

And besides those two, there is yet a third group of people inside this grouping: The greens. Exactly. Green parties are nothing more then watermellon politics: Green on the outside, red on the inside. The Green parties devotion to the nature is trully pagan and religious in nature. Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of conservationist efforts, am against all kinds of abuse (both of people and animals) and think we should work against polution and excessive destruction of the nature, as instructed in the Bible that humans are responsible to take care of the planet. We are supperiors to animals but should not use this as an excuse for cruelty. Having said that, the green left goes far beyond this. They hate humans and would rather have us all dead. Think about how the green left makes laws that punish hitting a dog with years in jail, while killing people via infanticide is for them a good thing. How they fight against killing insects but don't give a s*** for people dying on the streets murdered every single day.

Liberal Socialist political parties in Brazil: PT, PDT, PPS, PSB, etc

Liberal Socialist parties in Poland: Ruch Palikot, Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej

Characteristics: whatever gets them ellected!
A funny group are the centrists. They are characterized by forming very large, "big tent", catch-all political parties which have no coherent ideology. On a superficial analysys many people might favor centrist parties as they won't be so much given to ideological excesses. But in reality almost always if someone is not into politics for ideology, he is for money. So centrist parties are the champions of corruption, and the most avid stealers of public money.

Countries currently rulled by centrist parties are: Indonesia, Lybia, Ukraine

Centrist political parties in Brazil: PMDB

Authoritarian Centrist
Characteristics: Authoritarian, Secularism, Nacionalism
This group catches the group of countries with centrist dictatorships. I also consider the so called "Arab Socialism" which dominated many arab countries in the 20th century to be a kind of Authoritarian Centrism as it does not in reality posses any kind of similarity with other kinds of socialism such as communism, social democracy and the Liberal Socialists. Considering that the other major alternative in the middle east is radical islamism, I think it is a petty the support of the USA for overthroing arab socialist governments such as those of Saddam in Irak, Assad in Syria, Mubarak in Egypt, etc, as Christians were better off living under an authoritarian, but secular, regime then they will be under radical islamist rule.

Countries with a perpetual president and a centrist, nationalist government: Belarus, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turcomenistan, Camoroon, etc.

Arab Socialist countries currently are: Argelia and Syria

Classic Liberal
Characteristics: Minimal government, laissez-faire Capitalism, Privatization, Socially liberal
This group is also called "neoliberal" by its detractors in Latin America and "neoconservative" in the USA.

Classic Liberal parties in Brazil: Democratas

Classic Liberal parties in Poland: PO, although it is not 100% faithful to the classic liberalism and is close to centrism nowadays

Center Right and Christian Democrats
Characteristics: Moderately socially liberal, Moderate about the government size
I must confess I don't fully understand this group. They claim to be Christians usually and often even conservative, but they completely surrender to the socially liberalism of the left. This is surrendering exactly to the core of the leftist strategy to destroy our spirit. This group often likes to speak generic bravatos anti-left, like the recent "Multicultiralism is dead" from Angela Merkel, but when it comes to actually making something to make those words real they run faster then one can say "neoconservative". An interresting characteristic of the Center-Right is that when it is present, very often truly Conservative parties will be missing and vice-versa. Because they absorve the space on the right. In this sense I despise the Center-Right deeply. It is completely innefective and blocks and fights against the really effective groupings. Very often the Center-Right allies against Conservative parties and this shows their real nature as a 5th column inside the right wing to make us weaker. For this and many other reasons I strongly despise the center-right and think it should be put our of its misery so that trully conservative parties can come and establish a strong contrast with the Liberal Socialists and Classic Liberals and mark our position.

Countries ruled by the center-right: Germany (CDU), England (Conservative Party), Ireland, Chile, etc

Center-Right parties in Brazil: PP, PSC

Center-Right parties in Poland: none

Characteristics: Socially Conservative, Moderate about the government size, Nacionalism
This is what I believe to be the ideal agrupation. It defends everything just and fair in the world. The Bible is very clear: 1 Peter 2:13-14
13> "Submit yourselves for the Lord's sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority,
14> or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right."

Therefore the government is here to punish bad deeds and reward good deeds. That's why murder, stealing, cruelty, infanticide (abortion of which is a sub-type), sodomy must be punished. And that's where the Classic Liberals go wrong. They disregard the notion that the government ought to make moral judgements, but if the main reason for it existing at all is to punish the bad and reward the good, how can it do that without defining what is good and bad? And how can this be defined correctly except through Christianism? That's why I consider Classic Liberals to be wrong here and reality shows how Classic Liberal governments usually last shortly and are quickly overthrown by the socialists which then claim that they are rich people exploting the poor. Conservatives on the other hand have the right tools to defeat the left: We know what is right and what is wrong and we strongly afirm this. This puts a check against the left in the moral field. And Conservatives are not afraid of a moderate amount of government to help the poor with health, education, transport and other things. And this stops the left from using those things as a trap to attract poor people to their side.

Countries ruled by conservative parties: Thailand, Spain (Partido Popular), Italy (Il Popolo della Libertà), Lithuania

Conservative parties in Brazil: none

Conservative parties in Poland: PiS

Characteristics: Socially Conservative, Moderate about the government size, Nacionalism, Authoritarian
The far-right is very similar to the Conservatives, but it is much radical in all positions. In particular the far-right in Europe is strongly attached to old territorial disputes and still demands changes in borders for old reasons while Conservatives have largely already given up on that. Those demands are very counter productive as they waste energy in fights between countries and makes ground for the left to counter-attack.

Countries ruled by the far-right in the world today: None, although political Islamism is de facto the far-right of the islamic world. But I considered it desirved a separate entry.


Well, I think that enough has been said about what is political islamism. I'd say that everyone should know by now what it is and I will therefore skip this part.

Countries ruled by sunni islamists: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood), Malasia, etc

Countries ruled by shia islamists: Iran and Irak

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