sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013

True Democracy 1.0 for Android release!!!

I finally finished the first version of my game!!! True Democracy 1.0 for Android. Download it now to your Android telephone. In this game you take the lead of your country in a realistic political simulation game. You are free to choose any kind of political action that you want while in power, from increasing the retirements to decreasing taxes. But beware that every action has an effect in your voters and in your government debt. Guide your nation until the next election, when voters decide who takes the lead of the nation. If you lose the election, the game does not end. Another party will rule and you can wait until it an economic crisis or something else happens which leads you back to power!

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Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho disse...


Has anyone played this democracy simulator? I think it is interresting for people interrested in politics. You can choose a country and political party to play and then you can do anything you want, like decrease taxes or increase health care expenses. But you have to watch out for your popularity among voters to avoid loosing the next election, and also watch out for not bankrupting the country if the deficit is too big!


The game is for Android, but it can be run in Windows and Mac OS X via