domingo, 29 de dezembro de 2013

My opinion on Genderism,list-polskich-biskupow-i-nowa-teologia-wyzwolenia.html

This sunday the polish Catholic church read a letter against the genderists, like the "gay movement".

I personally think they are wasting their time. 1 single letter in 1 sunday cannot possibly compete against everyday brain washing done by the leftist/liberal/genderist media like Gazeta Wyborcza and Newsweek, which simply controls what most people believe in. The polish Catholics are simply attracting the hate attacks of the leftists to themselves. Just like Al Qaeda wouldn't tolerate any deviation from their vision, the leftists won't tolerate dissidence either, and they are well funded and control most of the media.

And we cannot forget: who is one of the greatest genderists in Poland? Tusk, read this:

That's what he does when he is not busy increasing taxes or stealing us.

Tusk's message for a good 2014: Help us build the incredible new genderist world, keep voting PO, and while you are doing it, please empty your wallets, I'll take care of spending your stuff

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